Monday, April 16, 2007

Party Post Number 4
Creative Cross-Training

Jamie Sobrato writes for Harlequin Blaze and lives in Northern California with her two small kids and too many books to count. Her twelfth novel, Sex As a Second Language, is out this month.

After writing eleven books in a row that were all basically the same kinds of stories—light, fun, breezy, choc-full-o-sex—I got the urge to use some different creative muscles (while keeping the sex, of course). I was in luck, because Blaze started wanting to buy a greater variety of stories. This year I have three books out, one set in Italy, one with a witch as a heroine, and one that revolves around a secret organization of assassins.

Using atrophied muscles was a great reminder of the years before I sold my first book, when I had the freedom to write anything I pleased. A book set on a fictional planet full of scantily clad gorgeous people who have sex a lot and are on the verge of revolution? Sure, why not. In an industry where we’re told we need to brand (AKA pigeonhole) ourselves, we shouldn’t forget that our creativity can suffer if we don’t exercise it properly. We can’t be afraid to change it up every once in a while, do a little creativity cross-training so that our muses don’t develop stress-related injuries. Stretch yourself, try different things, and you just might find yourself being more productive all around.

So what different things have you tried lately? Jamie is giving away a copy of whichever backlist book the winner would like. Check out some sizzling reads www.jamiesobrato.com

Tessa says: I own most of them and they're all fabulous!